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Wedding Ideas – 5 Easy DIY Tricks

We all know do it yourself (DIY) wedding projects are an easy way to save money in the wedding budget. So we’ve outlined the five easiest ways to customize and personalize your wedding without breaking the wedding bank.

Wedding Idea 1: Wedding monogram stamps

One easy way to make DIY tricks easier is to invest in a custom monogram stamp. This makes it very easy to put your mark on invitations and other stationary. You can order these online or get one custom-made at craft and scrap-booking stores. Buy a few and enlist some of your friends to help stamp all your stationary for the wedding. 

Wedding Idea 2: Wedding programs made from wrapping paper

A great and easy idea is to take several different wrapping papers from the same color scheme to use as covers for your wedding programs. A variety of patterns and shades will create a coordinated vintage look. Simply adhere the paper to the front of your program for a cheap, easily made wedding program.

Wedding Idea 3: DIY screen printed napkins

You’ve probably seen the personalized napkins you can order from wedding favor websites, but what you didn’t know is there is an easy cost-effective way to make those at home. Most craft stores sell a print Gocco machine, which allows you to load your own art and print it onto anything (in our case cocktail napkins). You can even use this nifty machine to make customized bachelor/bachelorette party shirts.

Wedding Idea 4: Pressed flower stationary

If you’re getting married in the summer of fall, than you have the opportunity to collect beautiful wild flowers to press and then later use on your stationary. Press the flowers with heavy books, once pressed flat, glue the pressed flowers to your stationary and seal with adhesive spray. 

Wedding Idea 5: Customized stickers

Customized stickers are a great idea to personalize anything from favors to votive candles. Most crafts stores like Michael’s sell pre-made sticker that all you have to do is print your logo or design onto them.

4 Wedding Ideas To Reduce The Cost of A Wedding

With the average wedding costs easily exceeding $25,000.00 and this does not include the engagement ring or the honeymoon. I am sure that like most couples getting married you are looking for wedding ideas that will help you reduce the cost of a wedding.

Well here are 4 wedding ideas that you can use to reduce the cost a wedding.

1. Have Your Wedding During The Off Season

Having your wedding during the “off season” is probably the best way to reduce the cost of a wedding. By simply avoiding the peck season for getting married you will be able to save substantially on everything from banquet catering and photography to travel and accommodation for your honeymoon.

And when is the “off season” you maybe asking. Well it really depends on where you are planning to have your wedding.

In North America, most person get married during the months May through October. So you may want to consider getting married during January through March.

While most warm weather destination weddings usually take place between January and April. So your best times will be before or after this busy period.

2. Right Size Your Guest List

“Right sizing” your Guest list is another area where you can significantly reduce the cost of your wedding. When you consider the impact of the cost for items such as invitations, party favors, table centerpieces and the reception you can significantly reduce the cost of a wedding by simply limiting the number of wedding guest.

And you can easily do this by making your wedding an intimate affair for close family and friends.

3. Share the Cost with Other Brides

It is not usual for you to have other friends and acquaintances that are getting married around the same time of year or even on the same day. So you may want to talk with them about sharing some of the cost associated with things like decorating and flowers for the reception venue.

Or if you are really game – you may even consider having a double wedding.

4. Rethink Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress can easily be one of the most expensive things on your shopping list but you can substantially reduce this cost by your fabric choice. Simply choosing a cheaper fabric can reduce your wedding dress cost by a much as two thirds. And most designers have these cheaper design wedding dresses readily available.

And if you really want to flatter your mother you could decide to use her wedding dress. A gesture that will make your special even more memorable for both you and mother.

So there you have it 4 wedding ideas that are guaranteed to help you reduce the cost of a wedding.

And you can reduce the cost of a wedding even further with these wedding ideas. Ensuring that you can have your dream wedding.

Wonderful Wedding Ideas for the Offbeat Bride

Not every bride is a traditionalist, nor is every wedding going to be the expected white wedding. If you consider yourself to be quirky, eclectic, whimsical, geek-chic, or just an individual, it is important that your wedding reflects your style. These are some wonderful wedding ideas for the offbeat bride.

The wedding invitations are a great way to give your guests a sneak peek at what your event will be like. If you are a non-traditionalist, ditch the engraved white invitations, and do something more fun. A custom video invitation could be a really neat idea for the tech-savvy couple. This is one wedding project that the groom might even be really into. A cool thing about a video invite is that it will feel really personal, even though it uses the latest technology, unlike an e-vite or email invitation. It would be particularly nice to mail your video invitations out on a dvd so that your family and friends will get to have it as a keepsake.

A great way to show off your own unique style is by choosing a wedding dress and custom wedding jewelry as special as you are. Color is a favorite way to personalize a wedding dress, whether it is a subtle accent or an entirely red gown. It is usually best to work with a seamstress or designer to create an entirely original gown, rather than trying to adapt something that is readymade. The options are limitless, from the bride who wore a red tulle skirt with black flames stitched on it to the one who designed a couture frock made from vintage fur, metallic lace, silk, and custom beading.

Brides may also opt for a convertible dress or one with a removable jacket so they can look a bit more traditional for the ceremony and lot less conservative for the reception. One bride I knew wore a handcrafted floor length coat made from a heavy white lace over dark green silk. It was a bit unique, but still appropriate for her church wedding. Then reception time came, and she whipped off the coat, revealing a matching mini dress that was cut so high on one side that only a row of sassy fringe made sure that her tush was covered! With some custom crystal wedding jewelry to match, she was all set to have a really good time at her party. Such a risque dress might not be for everyone, but that is exactly the point – a custom wedding dress will showcase your own unique style.

Quirky locations are another fun wedding idea for an offbeat bride. One bride I know was married in dramatic Gothic stone church that had been deconsecrated. It was definitely a first for most guests to dance and party in what used to be the nave of a church! Outdoorsy types can look for special locations outside for their weddings. You might have a retro campsite wedding or an enchanted forest celebration complete with fairies. Cities offer many great possibilities for non-traditional wedding venues, including modern art galleries, urban lofts, and funky restaurants.

There are many, many more ways to embrace your offbeat side as a bride. Perhaps you carry a bridal bouquet created from vintage brooches instead of flowers. Or maybe your groom wears cufflinks inspired by his favorite movie or video game. You could walk down the aisle to a song from your favorite show. As long as you put your heart into it, your quirky and unique wedding is sure to be absolutely fantastic, not to mention a whole lot of fun!